About Adam

For over 25 years Adam Furlonger has performed various roles throughout the real estate industry including being the Director of one of Australia’s largest real estate offices that employed approximately 20 – 25 real estate agents.

More recently he was appointed to the role of National Corporate Director of Sales, Marketing & Negotiating Training for one of Australia’s largest real estate franchises with around 60 offices, where he was responsible for the professional training & development of approximately 250 – 300 real estate agents throughout Australia.

Throughout his career he has successfully shown hundreds of real estate agents & many thousands of property sellers how to achieve the best possible outcome in relation to the sale of a property where, unfortunately for the owner, the local real estate agent is simply unable to sell that property for the price that it is really worth.

With the benefit of selling around 2500 properties for his personal clients throughout Australia & overseeing around 8000 property sales campaigns & all important price negotiations for the real estate agents he was either employing, managing or training at the time, he has developed many sophisticated Marketing, Presentation, Negotiating & Buyer Database strategies that greatly assist his clients with the sale of their property thereby enabling them to sell their most valuable asset for the price it is really worth.

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